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Data for the year 2010

1. Location

Santa Clara, incorporated in 1852, is located 45 miles south of San Francisco and 382 miles north of Los Angeles. Situated in Santa Clara County and at the center of Silicon Valley.

2. Economic Growth and Trends

Trend 1960 1970 1990 2010
Population in the County 642,315 1,064,714   1,463,600 1,879,700
Total Taxable Sales - County   922,000,000   2,165,808,000   17,914,405,000   25,551,108,900*
Population within City Limits 58,880 87,717 92,191 118,830
Total Taxable Sales - City 72,384,000 234,554,000 2,135,359,000 2,909,866,700*
Total Dwellings - City 15,146 27,950 36,911 42,228
School Enrollment, GR K-12 14,343 17,018 8,188 14,151

Sources: County and City of Santa Clara, U.S. Census, State Department of Finance, Santa Clara Unified School District, State Board of Equalization and MuniServices LLC.

* Figures are for fiscal year 08-09

3. Climate

Period   Min.
Avg Temp.
Avg Temp.  
4 P.M.  

Elevation: 94 ft.

Prevailing wind
direction: northwest
mean speed: 5.8 mph

JANUARY 42 50 59 2.76 64 66
APRIL 48 60 72 1.17 51 54
JULY 58 71 84 0.06 49 50
OCTOBER     52 64 76 0.89 50 54
YEAR 49.1 60 70.9 14.19 53 56

Source: Western Regional Climate Center

4. Transportation


Rail: CalTrain commuter service to Gilroy and San Francisco with one station in Santa Clara. Inter-urban rail service between San Jose and Sacramento with two stations in Santa Clara, the Great America Station and the Santa Clara Station. Amtrak national passenger rail service and Union Pacific freight rail service are also available. The Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) from Stockton serves the City of Santa Clara at the Great America and Santa Clara stations. Truck: 62 Interstate truck carriers and 400 radial contract carriers. Air: Mineta San Jose International Airport (2 miles from Santa Clara’s Civic Center). Bus: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Water: None. Highways: U.S. 101, Interstate 280 and 880, State 82 and 237. Expressways: San Tomas, Montague, Lawrence, and Central. Light Rail: Running from Downtown Mountain View to the Santa Clara Convention Center to neighboring San Jose Convention Center, and stretching to South San Jose/Santa Teresa Station. Bike Facilities: 22.3 miles of bike lanes, 7.1 miles of bike routes, 8.9 miles of recreational paths.

5. Industrial Sites

There are 2,291 acres in the city limits planned for light and heavy industry. New industrial permit valuation in 2008 was $40.8 million. Vacant industrial parcels range in size from 20,000 square feet to 15 acres, many of which are in industrial parks. The terrain is flat, gradually sloping downward to the north. Drainage is excellent, subsoil is clay. Sizes of water mains range from 4 to 27 inches. Sizes of sewer lines range from 6 to 42 inches. Site data was compiled in cooperation with the Planning Division.

6. Water Supply


Name of supplier: City of Santa Clara.
Maximum supply capacity: 88 million gal./day (MGD) potable water; 18 MGD recycled water. Average consumption: 20.9 MGD potable water; 2.5 MGD recycled water.
For rates applicable to City of Santa Clara, contact the Water Utility office at 1500 Warburton Avenue. For information on development and connection fees, contact the Director of Public Works/City Engineer's office at 1500 Warburton Avenue, (408) 615-3000.

7. Solar Utility Services

Name of supplier: City of Santa Clara.
Users: Residents and businesses within the city.
Services provided: Design, installation and maintenance of solar water heating systems that are leased from the City for heating of swimming pools, residential hot water and industrial process water.
For information on installation and fees, contact the Water Utility at 1500 Warburton Avenue, (408) 615-2000.

8. Sewer Service

Name of supplier: City of Santa Clara.
Capacity of sewage treatment plant: 167 MGD.
Peak flow of regional sewage treatment plant: 109 MGD (dry weather).
Sewer service charge: Yes. On what basis: Volume and strength of sewage.
Facilities for non-recoverable industrial wastewater: Yes.
For sewer service charge rates applicable to the City of Santa Clara, contact the Sewer Utility at 1500 Warburton Ave., (408) 615-2000. For sewer connection charges and acreage fees, contact the Director of Public Works/City Engineer's office at 1500 Warburton Avenue, (408) 615-3000.

9. Storm Drains and Flood Control


Storm drain collection system including lift stations maintained and administered by Department of Streets and Automotive Services, and Water & Sewer Utility. Flood control channels, creeks, and river maintained and administered by Santa Clara Valley Water District. For information on development and connection fees, contact the Director of Public Works/City Engineer’s office at 1500 Warburton Avenue, (408) 615-3000.

10. Street Improvements and Traffic Mitigation


Dedication requirements: Developer dedicates all easements and right of way necessary to serve the property.
Improvements required: Varies with type of land use. In general, developer pays for street improvements including engineering and inspection fees.
Traffic mitigation: In the industrial part of the City, new development and redevelopment pay a traffic impact fee; existing development is assessed for traffic mitigation through an assessment district. The City has initiated a program for installing sidewalks on streets in the industrial area.

For information, contact the Director of Public Works or City Engineer's office at 1500 Warburton Ave., (408) 615-3000.

11. Natural Gas

Name of supplier: Pacific Gas & Electric Company. For rates applicable to the City of Santa Clara, contact the suppliers office at 111 Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, (800) 743-5000.

12. Electric Power

Name of supplier: City of Santa Clara Municipal Electric Utility (dba Silicon Valley Power). Capacity of the City's receiving stations: 1,000 MVA.
Maximum demand: 460 Megawatts.
Interconnection voltage: 115 kV and 230 kV.
Sub-transmission voltage: 60 kV.
Distribution feeder voltage: 12 kV.
Customer delivery voltages: Various.
Power Reliability: Average System Availability Index: 99.99% (Top 3% nationally).
Business Rates: 20-35% below other Silicon Valley locations served by PG&E. For published rates, rate comparisons, efficiency incentives, 100% Green Power, or other Santa Clara electric utility information, go to or call the Silicon Valley Power office at (408) 261-5292. For information on development and connection fees, contact the Permit Center at (408) 615-2420.

13. Telephone

Name of analog phone services supplier: AT&T. 

14. Governmental Facilities - Tax and Insurance Rates

A) Santa Clara has the Council - Manager form of government. Assessed valuation in 2008-09: City: Real Cash Value $24,479,723,000 County: Real Cash Value $300,703,413,000.
B) Local property tax in FY 09-10 received by the City per $100 collected: $10.20
C) Retail sales tax: State 6%, County 0.5%, City 1%, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)1%, County-wide Transportation and Roads 0.25%, Public Safety (Prop 172) 0.5%. TOTAL 9.25%.
D) Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) 9.5%
E) Police Department: Police Department: Comprised of 147 sworn officers, 49 civilians, 23 reserves, 41 crossing guards, and 27 employees providing 9-1-1 service for police, fire and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), public safety, and administrative communications support. The Police Administration Building is located at 601 El Camino Real.
F) Fire Department: Comprised of 180 employees and 50 volunteer/reserves in ten stations located throughout the City.
G) Fire Insurance Classification: City rating - Class 2. Adjacent unincorporated areas: Class 3-9.
H) Major projects authorized for improvement of City services:

  • Construction of sidewalks in the industrial areas;
  • Traffic signal controller replacements - various locations;
  • Centralized computer traffic signal control system upgrades;  
  • Expansion of City's recycled water project for public and private landscape irrigation and industrial process water;
  • Annual street resurfacing project;
  • Traffic signals at various locations;
  • Sanitary sewer improvements
  • 2 new potable water wells;
  • Seismic retrofit for water storage tanks;
  • New Northside Branch Library;
  • San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail expansion;
  • Parking structure near Convention Center;
  • Parking structure near Convention Center;

15. Santa Clara County Labor Market Area, Nov 2008 Annual Average

Estimated Jobs Employment

 Description  Salary    Description  Salary
Total Wage and Salary 845,600     Goods Producing 182,100
Total Nonfarm 841,100 Professional and Business Services   158,500
Total Private 742,700 Manufacturing 153,000
Service Providing 659,000 Durable Goods 142,500
Residual-Private Services Providing   560,600 Trade, Transportation and Utilities 124,100

Source: CA Employment Development Department Labor Market Information Division

16. Manufacturing Employment

There are more than 500 manufacturing plants in Santa Clara. Leading group classes of products are electronic equipment, communication equipment and fiberglass. Manufacturing firms with more than 250 employees in the community are:

Company Product
Abbott Hematology Diagnostics (5440 Patrick Henry Dr) Surgical Instruments
Affymetrix Inc (3420 Central Expy) Laboratories-Research & Development
Agilent Technologies Inc (5301 Stevens Creek Blvd) Instruments-Measuring
Align Technology Inc (881 Martin Ave) Dental Equipment
Applied Materials Inc (3050 Bowers Ave) Semiconductor Device
Coherent Inc (5100 Patrick Henry Dr) Physicians Equipment & Supplies
Extreme Networks Inc (3585 Monroe St) Computer Peripherals
General Dynamics Advanced Info (2305 Mission College Blvd) Computers System Designers & Consultants
Intel Corp (2200 Mission College Blvd) Semiconductor Devices
Marvell Semiconductor Inc (5488 Marvell Ln) Semiconductor Devices
National Semiconductor Corp (2900 Semiconductor Dr) Semiconductor Devices
NEC Electronics America Inc (2880 Scott Blvd) Semiconductor Devices
Sun Microsystems Inc (4150 Network Cir) Computers-Electronics
TTM Technologies Inc (400 Mathew St) Printed & Etched Circuits
Vishay Siliconix (2201 Laurelwood Rd) Semiconductor Devices

Source: infoUSA®, California Employment Development Department

17. Non-Manufacturing Employment

The majority of more than 8000 businesses in Santa Clara are non-manufacturing. Leading group classes of services are electronic equipment, communications, software and education. Non-manufacturing firms with more than 250 employees in the community are:

Company Type of Business
AAA-Affordable Tutoring (1556 Halford Ave) Exam Preparation & Tutoring
Abbott Hematology Diagnostics (5440 Patrick Henry Dr)   Surgical Instruments
ADP (3300 Olcott St) Data Processing Supplies
Adult Education Career Ctr (1840 Benton St) Social Service & Welfare Organizations
Affymetrix Inc (3420 Central Expy) Laboratories-Research & Development
Agilent Technologies Inc (5301 Stevens Creek Blvd) Instruments-Measuring (Mfrs)
Align Technology Inc (881 Martin Ave) Dental Equipment
Applied Materials Inc (3050 Bowers Ave) Semiconductor Devices
Autonomy Inc (2880 San Tomas Expy # 130) Marketing Programs & Services
BAE Systems (1205 Coleman Ave) Defense Contractors
Bay Area Branch (715 Comstock St) Paving Contractors
California's Great America (4701 Great America Pkwy) Marketing Programs & Services
Citrix Systems Inc (4988 Great America Pkwy) Computer Services
Coherent Inc (5100 Patrick Henry Dr) Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls
E4E Inc (3979 Freedom Cir # 610) Venture Capital Companies
EMC Corp (2831 Mission College Blvd) Marketing Programs & Services
Extreme Networks Inc (3585 Monroe St) Computer Peripheral Equip Manufacturing
File Maker Inc (5201 Patrick Henry Dr) Computer & Software Stores
General Dynamics Advanced Info (2305 Mission College Blvd) Custom Computer Programming Svcs
Good Technology (4250 Burton Dr) Data Processing & Related Svcs
Harbor Electronics Inc (3021 Kenneth St) Engineering Svcs
Hitachi Data Systems Corp (750 Central Expy) General Rental Centers
Joseph J Albanese Inc (840 Parker St #70) Poured Concrete Structure Contractors
Labrent (3567 Benton St) Other Management Consulting Svcs
Los Altos Garbage Co (650 Martin Ave) Other Waste Collection
Macy's (2801 Stevens Creek Blvd) Department Stores
Marriott-Santa Clara (2700 Mission College Blvd) Hotels & Motels
Mission College (3000 Mission College Blvd) Colleges & Universities
Mitac Digital Corp (471 El Camino Real) Radio TV & Other Electronics Stores
Nortel Networks (4655 Great America Pkwy) All Other Telecommunications
Redwood City Electric Inc (2775 Northwestern Pkwy) Electrical Contractors
Santa Clara University (500 El Camino Real) Colleges & Universities
Silicon Valley Bank (3005 Tasman Dr) Commercial Banking
Westin-Santa Clara (5101 Great America Pkwy) Hotels & Motels

Source: infoUSA®, California Employment Development Department

18. Community Facilities

Santa Clara has one general hospital with 327 total bed capacity and 270 affiliated physicians/surgeons. The City also has numerous dentists, optometrist and other medical specialists. Santa Clara has a fire department paramedic program and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program.
14 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, 2 high schools, 4 parochial schools, 1 university, 1 community college, and 1 adult education center.
32 churches; 2 libraries; 2 newspapers; 1 cable TV system; 39 banks; 1 radio station; 1 movie multiplex with 20 screens; 2 performing arts theaters; and 33 parks and playgrounds (covering 247 acres) including city-owned, non-sectarian Mission City Memorial Park, one of the oldest cemeteries in the state. Other recreational facilities include: Olympic-size George F. Haines International Swim Center and three community swimming pools; a 27,000 square-foot Community Recreation Center; 45,000 square-foot Senior Center; 7,000 square-foot Teen Center; Youth Activity Center; Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park, 27 public tennis courts; 7 softball fields; one lawn bowling green; one municipally owned 18-hole golf course and tennis center; and one 9-hole privately owned golf course; art galleries and museums, concerts and plays at community colleges and universities; annual Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival; July 4th All-City Picnic & fireworks spectacular; and International Swim Meet. The 262,000 square-foot Santa Clara Convention Center hosts major conventions, trade shows and corporate functions. Santa Clara is home to California’s Great America, one of the largest family entertainment centers in Northern California, and is also home of the 49ers NFL Pro Football Headquarters and Training Center.
Projects under construction:
Santa Clara Convention Center Ballroom Expansion; San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail-Reach 3; San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail-Reach 4; San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail-Monroe St.; Emergency Dispatch Relocation; removal of barriers to the physically disabled FY 2009-10; Homestead Road Bicycle Project; and Bracher Park Restroom.
Recently completed projects:
Central Park Sanitary Sewer Improvements; Traffic Signal Modifications at Washington Street & Newhall Street and at Agnew Road Crossing; Tasman Drive and Homestead Road Surface Reseal; Homestead Road Bicycle Lanes Extension; Traffic Calming Project 2008; Fire Station 4 Replacement Project; San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail-Monroe Staging Area; Santa Clara Convention Center Ballroom Expansion; Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority Animal Care Center Tenant Improvements; Removal of Barriers to the Physically Challenged FY 2007-08; Traffic Signal Installation at Lafayette Street and Santa Clara Street; Lick Mill Boulevard Street Resurfacing; and Central Park Pedestrian Bridges.

19. Housing Availability, Prices and Rentals
Average range for monthly rents of one- and two-bedroom apartments within the County are from $1,300 to $2,002 per month. Rents for three-bedroom houses in the City start at $1,800 per month. Within the City and its immediate vicinity, the median single family home price is $569,000. The median price of condominium units is $370,000. The City has an active affordable housing agenda with both a First Time Homebuyers Program and a Below Market Rate Purchase (BMP) Program which are subsidized with Redevelopment Agency Affordable Housing Funds.

Source: NAI BT Commercial, 2010; Santa Clara County Real Estate Trends, February 2010; and, February 2010.

Besides having outstanding industrial parks (most within a few miles of the Civic Center and adjacent to freeways), Santa Clara is in the forefront of the national movement to protect the environment from industrial and other types of pollution. Electronic, aerospace, research and many types of light manufacturing firms will find Santa Clara ideal for employees and their families.

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