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The City websites can be translated using free automated translation software. While automated translation is not perfect, the City of Santa Clara is making the service available in the hopes that it will allow non-English speakers the opportunity to access the City’s website and obtain an overall sense of the information and services available from the City. Text found within images, PDF files, Word documents or other document types cannot be translated through our website but documents may be translated by uploading to an online translation service. Please note that some applications and/or services may not work as expected when translated.

Website Translation Disclaimer
  • My language is not listed. How can it be added?

    Please submit your suggestion to
  • Some languages show boxes when translated in place of text. Why?

    Your browser does not support the character set for the selected language. If you already view websites that display an alternate character set then you may not experience this issue. The squares are placeholder characters for the text because you don't have the necessary fonts installed. The following links provide information for enabling support on your computer:
  • How do I exit the translation mode?

    Click the ‘X’ at the top right of the translation tool bar.
  • How do I see the original text?

    Click the ‘Show original’ button in the translation tool bar at the top of the page to revert the text back to English.
  • How do I translate a page?

    Select a language from the dropdown box in the footer of any webpage on the City, library or police websites.

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