City Committees

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Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee:

Established on September 29, 1992, to review accessibility issues, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Committee includes individuals and representatives from community organizations such as VIA Rehabilitation, Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, and the Adult Independence Development Center.

Audit Committee:

Reviews the annual independent audits, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Single Audit Report, Electric Utility Financial Statements, Stadium Authority Financial Statements, and City Auditor’s Annual Report. Meetings are attended with independent auditor.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee:

Originally established on May 14, 1991, the Committee was established to explore developing safe bicycle lanes and routes on City streets. The Committee name and duties was revised in March 25, 2014 to include pedestrian aspects and to also provide input on non-engineering activities to increase pedestrian and bicycle usage in the City.

Economic Development, Communications, and Marketing Committee: 

The Economic Development, Communications, and Marketing Committee was established by Council action on February 5, 2019, to consolidate the Economic Development Committee and the Marketing Committee. The Committee focuses proactive economic development and effective communication, as well as reviews the City’s marketing and branding strategies.

Governance and Ethics Committee: 

The Governance and Ethics Committee was established by Council action on February 5, 2019, to consolidate the Governance Committee, Ethics Committee, and the Facilities Naming and Honorary Recognition Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee focuses on the refinement or establishment of policies and procedures regarding City Council operations and general good government practices, as well as the further implementation of the City’s Code of Ethics & Values program. This committee is also responsible for reviewing requests for facility naming and honorary recognitions.

Stadium Authority Audit Committee:

On July 19, 2016, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority Board approved appointing a three-member committee to oversee the work and progress of the audit being performed by Harvey M. Rose, LLC. This Committee assists with the required auditing of Levi's Stadium.

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