Community Grant Program

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Community Grant Policy

At the September 18, 2018 City Council meeting, the Council adopted the Community Grant Policy to establish a standardized process to award grants to qualifying non-profit community organizations, athletic groups or organizations, educational groups or organizations, or individuals, for events, activities, and competitions that provide a public benefit to the City of Santa Clara and its residents.

The City’s existing Santa Clara Championship Team Fund Program, which provides funding to Santa Clara teams and groups competing or participating in state, national or international competition or performance, has been incorporated into the new Community Grant Program.

Community Grant Eligibility

To satisfy the eligibility criteria of the policy, the event or activity being funded by the City’s grant must:

  • Provide a benefit to Santa Clara residents, students, or schools,
  • Contribute positively to the recognition and image of the City of Santa Clara,
  • Be open to the general public, and not discriminate any protected characteristic under state or federal law,
  • Align with established Council goals, and
  • Not be used for political or religious purposes.

If the event or activity is a fundraising event, the proceeds from the fundraising activity must support programs, services or events for residents of the City of Santa Clara.

  • If the grant request is for individual or group attendance at a youth competition or performance, the following additional eligibility criteria must be satisfied:
  • The grant funds requested will only be used for a specific state, national, or international title or performance
  • The grant funds requested do not exceed 20% of the allowable expenses (registration, hotel, transportation, and food),
  • Individuals, teams, or groups should either be from Santa Clara schools or have at least 50% of the students from the teams or groups be residents in the City of Santa Clara, and 
  •  The student-to-coach/chaperone ratio is six students to one coach/chaperone.

Community Grant Process

  • The planned event/activity must meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the Community Grant Policy.
  • The Community Grant Policy requires applicants to submit their applications, except for those applying for grant funding for a youth competition or performance, at least ninety (90) days prior to the planned event or activity being funded. They must also submit a completed Special Events Application and event/activity budget with their completed Community Grant application.
  • Applicants applying for grant funding to attend a youth competition or performance are required to submit an application within one week of advancing to such competitions or performances.
  • The City Manager’s Office will review applications to ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria and the availability of funds and contact applicants to notify them of approval or denial of their request.
  • Applications must be submitted by mail to the City Manager’s Office at 1500 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050 or by email to


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