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mobile phone displaying websiteThe City's website is accessible from all major smartphones and feature phones. Pages have been redesigned to be easily accessed from your phone to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, events and information.

Some features within the mobile site cannot be presented on a mobile device, such as eNotify sign-up. However, an option to view the content on the full site is provided.

QR Codes
In addition to mobile content, the City is utilizing QR or Quick Response codes to allow smartphone users to easily access content on the City's website.  QR codes will start appearing in City publications and on the website and can be scanned using your smartphone. This is how it works:

  • If you don’t already have a scanning app installed on your smartphone, go to your phones application store and search for a free bar code reader application (note: a camera phone is required to scan codes). 
  • Launch the app to scan codes. Examples of bar codes are shown below. 
  • The codes will direct your mobile browser to content on the City's website. 

City Website QR code
City Events QR code
City Calendar
City News QR code
City News
City Jobs QR code
Job Opportunities

Police Department Crime Report iPhone App
Access crime data mapping through the Santa Clara Police Department in partnership with CrimeReports. Local crime mapping and national sex offender data is accessible through the CrimeReports iPhone app, available at no charge at the iTunes App Store. You can view recent neighborhood level crimes on the map or in a list, as well as sign up for automated crime alerts.

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