Under the Charter of the City of Santa Clara (Section 908), the responsibilities of the City Attorney’s Office consist of the following:

  • Represent and advise the City Council and all City officers in all matters of law pertaining to their offices.
  • Represent and appear on behalf of the City and any City officer or employee in all legal actions or proceedings which the City or any such officer or employee, in or by reason of his/her official capacity is a party.
  • Provide the City Council with information and advice regarding ongoing litigation and legislation affecting the City.
  • Attend all meetings of the City Council and give advice or an opinion in writing whenever requested to do so by the City Council or officers of the City.
  • Staff boards and commission meetings as necessary.
  • Approve the form of all bonds given to and all contracts made by the City, endorsing approval thereon in writing.
  • Review and approve all ordinances and resolutions and amendments thereof.
  • Prosecute cases for violation of the Charter and City ordinances.
  • Assist and provide training on current issues in the law and City policy as needed.

The City Attorney’s Office will continue to provide legal advice and support on matters initiated by City Council, City Manager’s Office, and City departments, including review and negotiation of contracts, leases, licenses, policies and other documents related to the day-to-day operations of the City.

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