Campaign Regulations

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Summary of Campaign Finance Ordinance
[City Code Chapter 2.130]

The Campaign Finance Ordinance was adopted by the City Council in January 2000 and has been amended three times. The ordinance is reflected in Chapter 2.130 of the City Code, at City Clerk's Office, and on the FPPC's Local Campaign Ordinance website. If you have questions regarding the ordinance please call the City Clerk's Office at (408) 615-2220 or email

Election Cycle

  • Limits the receipt and expenditure of campaign contributions to an 8-month period (i.e., for a November election - May 1st to December 31st of that year).
  • Cutoff date for last deposit of contributions - 11 days prior to election. 
  • Last day to pay campaign expense bills - by the December 31st following a November election.

Limitation On Contributions

  • $290 from a single source for each campaign cycle unless the candidate participates in the Voluntary Campaign Expenditure Limit Program - which increases contribution from a single source to $590.
  • No limitation on candidates contributions to own campaign. 
  • No fund transfers between candidates. 
  • Loans are subject to the campaign contribution limits unless they are a legitimate loan from a commercial lending institution. 
  • Contributions cannot be made on behalf of another.

 Monitoring Of Campaign Contributions

  • One campaign committee and one checking account.
  • Disclosure of source of contributions and expenditures exceeding $99. 
  • Cash - contributions from a source are not to exceed $99. 
  • Candidate's records/reports on file with the City Clerk's Office must reflect name, address, occupation and employer of contributors. 
  • City required Third Pre-Election Campaign Statement to be submitted 7 calendar days before the election. 
  • Campaign Disclosure Statements are to be submitted typed, clearly hand written, or in an electronic media form acceptable to the City Clerk.
  • For more information, see Voluntary Campaign Expenditure Limit.

Regulations Regarding Contributions Influencing Santa Clara City Elections 
The City of Santa Clara City Council has determined that campaign contributions and expenditures in municipal elections should be fully and truthfully disclosed so that the voters may be fully informed about sources of contributions in support or opposition to city candidates or local ballot measures. For more information, see Campaign Disclosure Forms and Filings 

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