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The Municipal Elections are held in November of even numbered years. The elective officers of the City consist of a City Council made up of six Councilmembers and a directly elected Mayor, the Chief of Police and the City Clerk, who are elected in a non-partisan election. Pursuant to the court order issued in July 2018, Council Members are now elected by District. There are six districts (see map) and only registered voters who reside within the District up for office may run and only those registered voters that reside in the District up for election may vote for their respective candidates. The Mayor, Chief of Police and City Clerk serve at-large.

The Mayor and the City Council are elected to four-year overlapping terms. Each may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The City Clerk and the Chief of Police are also elected to four-year terms with no term limits. 

For more information, please contact:

Hosam Haggag, Elected City Clerk

Nora Pimentel, MMC, Assistant City Clerk

City Clerk's Office
408-615-2220Call: 408-615-2220
email clerk@santaclaraca.gov


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