Downtown Revitalization Project

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In August 2015, the Council adopted a Strategic Objective to evaluate a Santa Clara Downtown/Super Block project under the Council goal of promoting and enhancing economic and housing development. As series of meetings were held in October, November and December 2015 to discuss and seek input from the community on the vision for downtown development  [Meeting Flyer (PDF)].

Topics for discussion at each of the sessions included:

  • Where is Downtown Santa Clara?
    How do you describe how to get there and how would you like to describe where the Downtown area is in the future?
  • What is Downtown Santa Clara today?
    Is it a main street, a mixed-use district, a town & gown place, a transit center, or something else? What do you like about Downtown and where do you go when you visit the Downtown area?
  • What should Downtown be in the future?
    Is there a place in the United States that you like which most resembles your vision for Downtown?
  • What are the first steps for improvement?
    What first steps would help make the Downtown more like your vision? What kind of places and services would make you visit Downtown more often in the future?

Notes from each visioning meeting are included here.  Subsequent meeting materials are listed below.

December 2, 2015 Meeting Materials

February 22, 2017 Meeting Materials

April 20, 2017 Meeting Materials

May 15, 2017 Meeting Materials

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