Housing Authority

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The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Clara generally meets two Tuesdays per month, following the 7 p.m. City Council, Sports & Open Space Authority, and Stadium Authority meetings, in Council Chambers at City Hall, 1500 Warburton Avenue.

The City Council, by adoption of Resolution No. 11-7827 declaring a need to establish a housing authority, established the City of Santa Clara Housing Authority at their February 22, 2011 Council meeting. The Resolution is in keeping with the California Health and Safety Code Section 34240, et seq, which states that a city may, by resolution declare that there is a need for a housing authority to ensure the provision of safe and sanitary housing for persons of low income. These findings were affirmed by the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan and the City’s Housing Needs Assessment as determined by Association of Bay Area Government. Establishing a City-based housing authority will position the City to continue local control of housing funds generated by the Redevelopment Agency.

Members of the Housing Authority are the seven elected members of the City Council. The Mayor serves as chair of the Housing Authority and the Council Members serve as Commissioners. The City Manager serves as the Executive Director and the City Attorney as the Housing Authority’s General Counsel. Authority Commissioners and Officers are as follows:

Authority Commissioners
Lisa M. Gillmor, Authority Chairperson
Raj Chahal 
Debi Davis
 Karen Hardy
Patricia Mahan 
Teresa O'Neill
Kathy Watanabe

Executive Director, Deanna J. Santana
Interim Authority General Counsel, Brian Doyle  
Acting Authority Secretary, Nora Pimentel
Acting Authority Treasurer, Angela Kraetsch

Housing Funds
In 1990, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Santa Clara established an Affordable Housing Fund to provide financing assistance for various programs and projects in the City of Santa Clara that provide affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income households.  These functions were assumed by the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Clara in February, 2011.  From 1990 through 2012, the City of Santa Clara, its Redevelopment Agency, and now its Housing Authority have budgeted more than $158 million for affordable housing programs and services, including below-market new homes, first-time home buyer loans, residences for seniors and the disabled, transitional housing for homeless families, shelters for homeless women and their children and for homeless teens, assisted living and dementia care homes for seniors, and rehabilitation loans for existing properties.  These budgeted funds have assisted or will assist in the development of more than 2,390 new housing units, and the acquisition/rehabilitation of nearly 790 units of existing housing for low- and moderate-income households. Near-term plans include acquisition/rehabilitation of a senior shared housing facility, housing rehabilitation loans for homeowners, a family housing development, affordable housing as part of the University/Downtown Project Area Reuse Plan, secondary mortgage loans for first time homebuyers, and financing for land acquisition and construction of a new affordable rental housing project.   Additional detail is available in the annual budget of the City and its agencies.


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