Housing Inspection

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1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel: 408-615-2440
Fax: 408-241-3823
Email: building@santaclaraca.gov


Housing investigates complaints about code violations relating to health, safety and housing. Our Inspector is responsible for Citywide rental housing activities. If you are a renter, please contact your landlord in writing requesting the issue be fixed BEFORE contacting the Housing Inspector. If the landlord does not fix the problem in a timely manner, please contact us.

If you own the residence or property, it is your responsibility to hire a licensed contractor to correct any issues/deficiencies in/on the property. The City will only inspect properties at the request of the tenant.

Once an Inspector receives a complaint regarding a rental residence, he or she determines if either a warning notice or an immediate inspection is needed to rectify the problem. Warning notices are mailed to the responsible parties informing them that an alleged violation has been reported. It is the party's responsibility to remedy the problem and/or contact the Housing Inspection office. In cases where an immediate inspection is needed, the Inspector will make an appointment with the party or visit the property unannounced.

Our Inspector is responsible for investigating complaints about substandard rental housing. We enforce the California State Housing Code.


The Housing Inspector will only inspect rental residences with mold if the mold is caused by construction, leaking pipes inside the home or if there is a leak in a roof. If mold is caused by poor ventilation, sprinklers, outside moisture or other causes that are not construction related, please see the State of California's Department of Public Health website.

The State also has a document entitled "Mold in My Home: What do I do?"  that outlines the causes of mold and how to prevent and clean up mold safely.

Lead Paint

The City of Santa Clara does not inspect lead paint nor does the City oversee its removal. Please see the "EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule” document or read additional  information on the Environmental Protection Agency website.

Other contacts:    
Animal control:
dogs running at large (daytime)
too many, unsanitary conditions
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority 408-261-5401
Animal control:
Barking, crowing roosters
Police/Dispatch 408-615-5580
Buildings, dangerous or
Substandard housing
Building Division 408-615-2440
Car canopy in front of house Planning/Code Enforcement 408-615-2460
Garbage – illegal dumping Planning/Code Enforcement
Street Department
Garbage – overflowing containers Street Department 408-615-3080
Garbage – overflowing County Health Dept 408-299-6060
Dumpsters at restaurants or
grocery stores
Street Department 408-615-3080
Garbage – overflowing
Dumpsters at apartments
Planning/Code Enforcement 408-615-2460
Garbage cans not returned
To side or back yard after pick-up
Street Department 408-615-3080
Home Business Complaints or questions Planning/Code Enforcement 408-615-2460
Noise abatement after work hours Planning/Code Enforcement
Rodents and bugs Santa Clara County Vector Control 408-918-4770
Smoking in buildings Fire Department 408-615-4970
Vehicles, illegally parked on public streets Police/Dispatch 408-615-5580
Weed abatement Fire Department 408-615-4970
Zoning Ordinance questions Planning/Code Enforcement 408-615-2460
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