Refuse Bin Encroachment Permit

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Administering Department: Engineering - Traffic Division
Tel: 408-615-3000 • Fax: 408-985-7936

To place a refuse bin temporarily in the public right-of-way, a permit MUST be obtained from the Traffic Division in the Engineering Department. The permit can be obtained at the Permit Center in City Hall. 

General Information
A refuse bin must have reflectorization in accordance with City standards. Caution must be taken to safeguard the traveling public. Applicant will be held responsible for any accidents resulting from the location of this equipment, as well as for damage to public streets, curbs, sidewalks and other public property. 

Rules And Regulations Of Refuse Bin 

  1. Each application shall require: 
    1. The name and address of the applicant, showing legal identity (individual, partnership, or corporation, etc.) as applicable. The applicant must be the person residing in the home or the person operating the business in front of which the refuse bin is to be placed; 
    2. The purpose in requesting the permit, (structure remodeling, clearing debris, general clean-up, etc.);
    3. The business location and owner of the storage bin;
    4. The duration the bin would be stored on public right-of-way (7 day maximum); 
    5. All other information reasonably required by the City Engineer to fulfill the intent of the application;
    6. As a part of the application, the applicant agrees to absolve the City of any claims or any liabilities in connection with the placing of refuse bins.
  2. The City Engineer, or designee, may inspect the site to ascertain a possible alternative to placing the bin on the street. 
  3. If no such alternative exists, the City Engineer, or designee, may inspect the proposed street location to determine if a traffic hazard, community inconvenience, or nuisance will be created. 
  4. If bin must be placed in the public street, the City Engineer, or designee, may approve the location where the proposed refuse bin is to be placed, taking into consideration such factors as distance from intersection, proximity of neighboring driveways, visibility offered to drivers, etc 
  5. The City Engineer, or designee, shall determine the maximum length of time the bin shall be allowed to remain on the City street, (NOT more than seven (7) days except in extraordinary circumstances at the sole discretion of the City Engineer or designee). 
  6. The completed application and recommendation shall be considered by the City Engineer, or designee, for approval/disapproval. 
  7. The applicant shall be notified of approval/disapproval. 
  8. If approved, the City Engineer, or designee, shall furnish to the applicant three (3) copies of the permit, two (2) of which are to be forwarded by the applicant to the refuse contractor before delivery. The Director of Finance, or designee, shall collect the fee for the permit. (The permit shall specify the exact location where the bin is to be placed).

Fee Payment
Fee payment must be made in person at the City of Santa Clara before application submittal can be certified as complete. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the City of Santa Clara and delivered to the Engineering Department, City Hall, 1500 Warburton Ave. Santa Clara, California 95050. Credit card payment may be made via Visa, Mastercard, Discover Or American Express.

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