Table No. 3-B Electrical Permit Fees

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Administering Department: Community Development
Tel: 408-615-2420 • Fax: 408-241-3823

Minimum Permit Fee: $50.00

Permit Issuance
For issuing each supplemental permit for which the original permit has not expired, been canceled or finaled $7.25


System Fee Schedule
(Note: The following do not include permit-issuing fee.)
1. New Buildings  
  The following fees shall include all wiring and electrical equipment in or on each building, or other electrical equipment on the same premises constructed at the same time.  
  Commercial Buildings. For new commercial buildings, per square foot (0.09m3) $ 0.08

Single- and two-family and Multi-family. For new single- and two-family and new multifamily (apartments and condominiums) residential buildings constructed at the same time and not including the area of garages, carports and accessory buildings, per square foot (0.09m3)

$ 0.06
  New garages, carports and accessory buildings, per square foot (0.09m3) $ 0.02
  For other types of residential and non-residential occupancies and alterations, additions and modifications to existing buildings, use the Unit Fee Schedule.  
2. Private Swimming Pools  
  For new private, in-ground swimming pools for single-family and multifamily occupancies including a complete system of necessary branch circuit wiring, bonding, grounding, underwater lighting, water pumping and other similar electrical equipment directly related to the operation of a swimming pool, each pool. $ 49.50
  For other types of swimming pools, therapeutic whirlpools, spas, and alterations to existing swimming pools, use the Unit Fee Schedule.  
3. Carnivals and Circuses  
  Carnivals, circuses, or other traveling shows or exhibitions utilizing transportable-type rides, booths, displays and attractions.  
  For electric generators and electrically driven rides, each $ 23.50
  For mechanically driven rides and walk-though attractions or displays having electric lighting, each. $ 7.25
  For a system of area and booth lighting, each $ 7.25
  For permanently installed rides, booths, displays and attractions, use the Unit Fee Schedule.  
4. Temporary Power Service  
  For a temporary service power pole or pedestal-mounted receptacle outlets and appurtenances, each $ 23.50
  For a temporary distribution system and temporary lighting and receptacle outlets for construction sites, decorative lights, Christmas tree sales lots, fireworks stands, etc. each $ 12.30


Unit Fee Schedule
(Note: The following do not include permit-issuing fee.)  
1. Receptacle, Switch and Lighting Outlets  
  For receptacle, switch, light or other outlets at which current is used or controlled, except services, feeders and meters: First 20, each
$ 1.10
  Additional fixtures, each $ 0.73
  Note: For multi-outlet assemblies, each 5 feet (1524 mm) or fraction thereof may be considered as one outlet.  
2. Lighting Fixtures
  For lighting fixtures, sockets or other lamp-holding devices:
First 20 fixtures, each
$ 1.10
  Additional fixtures, each $ 0.73
  For pole or platform-mounted lighting fixtures, each $ 1.10
  For theatrical-type lighting fixtures or assemblies, each $ 1.10
3. Residential Appliances  
  For fixed residential appliances or receptacle outlets for same, including wall-mounted electric ovens; counter-mounted cooking tops; electric ranges, self-contained room, console or through-wall air conditioners; space heaters; food waste grinders; dishwashers; washing machines; water heaters; clothes dryers; or other motor-operated appliances not exceeding one horsepower (HP) (746 W) in rating, each. $ 4.75
  Note: For other types of air conditioners and other motor-driven appliances having larger electrical ratings, see Power Apparatus.  
4. Power Apparatus  
  For motors, generators, transformers, rectifiers, synchronous converters, capacitors, industrial heating, air conditioners and heat pumps, cooking or baking equipment and other apparatus, as follows:  
  Rating in horsepower (HP), kilowatts (kW), kilovolt-amperes (kVA), or kilovolt-amperes-reactive (kVAR):  
  Up to and including 1, each $ 4.75
  Over 1 and not over 10, each $ 12.30
  Over 10 and not over 50, each $ 24.60
  Over 50 and not over 100, each $ 49.50
  Over 100, each $ 74.50
  Note: For equipment or appliances having more than one motor, transformer, heater, etc., the sum of the combined ratings may be used.  
  These fees include all switches, circuit breakers, contractors, thermostats, relays and other directly related control equipment.  
5. Busways
  For trolley and plug-in-type busways, each 100 feet (30 480 mm) or fraction thereof $ 7.25
  Note: An additional fee will be required for lighting fixtures, motors and other appliances that are connected to trolley and plug-in-type busways. A fee is not required for portable tools.  
6. Signs, Outline Lighting and Marquees  
  For signs, outline lighting systems or marquees supplied from one branch circuit, each $ 24.60
  For additional branch circuits within the same sign, outline lighting system or marquee, each $ 4.75
7. Services
  For services of 600 volts or less and not over 200 amperes in rating, each $ 30.50
  For services of 600 volts or less and over 200 amperes to 1,000 amperes in rating, each $62.15
  For services over 600 volts or over 1,000 amperes in rating, each $ 124.30
8. Miscellaneous Apparatus, Conduits, and Conductors
  For electrical apparatus, conduits, and conductors for which a permit is required but for which no fee is herein set forth $ 18.20
  Note: This fee is not applicable when a fee is paid for one or more services, outlets, fixtures, appliances, power apparatus, busways, signs or other equipment.  


Other Inspections and Fees
1. Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge --two hours) $ 300.00
2. Re-inspection fees assessed under provisions of Section 305.8 $ 80.00 per hour
3. Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge--one-half hour) $ 80.00 per hour
4. Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans (minimum charge--one-half hour) $ 100.00 per hour

*Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is the greatest. This cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.

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