Table No. 3-D Plumbing Permit Fees

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Administering Department: Community Development 
Tel: 408-615-2420 • Fax: 408-241-3823

Minimum Permit Fee: $50.00

Permit Issuance
For issuing each supplemental permit for which the original permit has not expired, been canceled or finaled $7.25


New Buildings
The following fees shall include complete plumbing system on each building.  
New Commercial buildings. Per square foot (0.09m3) $0.08
New Residential buildings. Per square foot (0.09m3) $0.06
For other types of alterations, additions and modifications to existing buildings, use Unit Fee Schedule.  


Unit Fee Schedule
1. Fixtures and Vents  
  For each plumbing fixture or trap or set of fixtures on one trap (including water, drainage piping and backflow protection thereof) $9.80
  For repair or alteration of drainage or vent piping, each fixture $4.75
2. Sewers, Disposal Systems and Interceptors  
  For each building sewer and each trailer park sewer $24.65
  For each cesspool $37.25
  For each private sewage disposal system $74.50
  For each industrial waste pretreatment interceptor, including its trap and vent, excepting kitchen-type grease interceptors functioning as fixture traps $19.90
  Rainwater systems --per drain (inside building) $9.80
3. Water Piping and Water Heaters  
  For installation, alteration, or repair of water piping and/or water-treating equipment, or both, each $4.75
  For each water heater including vent $12.30
  Vents only, See Table 3-C  
4. Gas Piping Systems
  For each gas piping system of one to five outlets $6.15
  For each additional outlet over five, each $1.10
5. Lawn Sprinklers, Vacuum Breakers and Backflow Protection Devices
  For each lawn sprinkler system on any one meter, including backflow protection devices therefore $14.80
  For atmospheric-type vacuum breakers or backflow protection devices not included in Item 1:1 to 5 devices $12.30
  Over 5, devices each $2.25
  For each backflow protective device other than atmospheric-type vacuum breakers: 2 inches (50.8 mm) and smaller $12.30
  Over 2 inches (50.8 mm) $24.65
6. Swimming Pools
  For each swimming pool or spa:  
  Public pool $91.25
  Public spa $60.75
  Private pool $60.75
  Private spa $30.25
7. Miscellaneous
  For each appliance or piece of equipment regulated by the Plumbing Code but not classed in other appliance categories, or for which no other fee is listed in this table, including each Variable Air Volume (VAV) control box or fire damper $9.80


Other Inspections and Fees
1. Inspections outside of normal business hours (minimum charge--two hours) $300.00*
2. Re-inspection fees assessed under provisions of Section 305.8 $80.00 per hour*
3. Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated (minimum charge--one-half hour) $80.00 per hour*
4. Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans (minimum charge--one-half hour) $100.00 per hour*

* Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is the greatest. This cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.

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