Plan Requirements

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Non-Residential & Multi-Family Buildings

Please provide the following when making application for Building Permit:

  1. Four sets of completed plans 18" x 24" minimum and 24" x 36" maximum. (Include energy compliance forms reproduced on plan sheet and appropriately wet-signed.) (Only 3 sets if Fire Department approval is not required.) 
  2. Two sets of engineering calculations and reference soils investigations. 
  3. Two sets of specifications, if necessary. 
  4. Two additional separated plot plan sheets showing required utility connections and sizes. 
  5. Two sets of Energy Conservation Design Calculations (use copies of forms found in State's design manual.

Completed set of plans should include the following information: 

  • Plot Plan - showing location of new building and locations of all existing buildings on property, front, side and rear setback distances, street center line dimensions, all property lines, proposed street widening plan lines, easements, existing and new parking designations, existing and proposed finish grades, and locations and sizes of site storm, sewer, water, gas and electrical connections to off-site utility facilities. 
  • Grading and Drainage Plan - showing proposed grades and all storm sewer lines and inlets.
  • Elevations - showing exposed materials, canopy projections, roofing, windows, downspout locations and signs. 
  • Roof Plans - showing roof slope and roof drains. 
  • Floor Plan - showing locations, sizes and use of rooms, locations of windows and doors, fire walls, and toilet facilities.
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans 
  • Architectural Details - showing non-structural sections of construction where necessary to show conformance to Building Code. In particular, those areas of fire protection, special wall protection, and specifics of public safety. 
  • Finish Schedule - showing materials to be used for floors, walls, and ceilings of all rooms. 
  • Door and Window Schedule - showing sizes, types and fire assemblies where required. 
  • Structural Plans - showing the foundations, exterior and interior wall construction, roof designs, seismic connections, and other details pertinent to construction of the building. 
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Plans - complete single line drawing showing positions, materials and sizes of sewer, water, storm, gas, ventilation and heating equipment, fire protection systems, and other miscellaneous mechanical devices. 
  • Electrical Plans - complete electrical layout to show service diagram, load breakdown, size of service, and feeder conductors.

All plans, specifications, reports, or calculations for buildings or structures required to be designed by an Architect or Engineer licensed by the State of California, shall have his seal, signature and registration number thereon. (Each sheet of plans to have proper signatures.) Architects and Engineers must also indicate when their license expires.

Compliance with the above requirements will expedite the issuance of a building permit.


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