University Area Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement Team provides proactive code enforcement in the area around Santa Clara University in partnership with the University and the Santa Clara Police Department. 

Annual Walkabout

The Annual Walkabout is conducted once a year by Santa Clara University staff and students, with participation by City of Santa Clara Code Enforcement and Police Department staff. During the Walkabout, groups made up of a representatives of each of the aforementioned groups knock on doors and educate students on how to be a good neighbor. Specifically, the Planning Division Code Enforcement focuses on common zoning infractions that will trigger a citation from the City and the Street Department Code Enforcement provides information on storm drain violations.

Common Code Violations Brochure 

The City's brochure on Understanding Common Code Violations - University Area is used to educate those living in the University area about the most common violations that code enforcement responds to. This brochure is handed out during the Annual Walkabout and throughout the year as code enforcement staff interacts with the community. You can view the brochure at the link below.

Understanding Door Tags

If a violation occurs you may be notified by an in-person verbal request, a mailed letter detailing the violation, or a white door tag. All three of these notification methods are official notices that are used to document and track violations and administer future citations. If you receive a white tag, shown below, it will indicate the violation, when (day and time) the violation must be correct by, and how to contact us. 

White Door Tag_Explained_2019



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