Housing Rehabilitation Program

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What is NCIP (Neighborhood Conservation and Improvement Program)? 
Under the direction of the City of Santa Clara Housing & Community Services Division, NCIP is a multi-purposed program offering technical and financial assistance to qualified residents. The program is designed for citywide households with gross incomes at or below 80% of County median income. 

By addressing building/housing code deficiencies and the abatement of hazardous conditions, NCIP aims to improve the habitability, use and occupancy of City housing. 

How Does the Program Work? 
Determining eligibility is the first step in taking advantage of NCIP. To do this, City staff will conduct a housing inspection to determine building deficiencies. With homeowners approval, City staff then prepares the work specifications, solicits bids from licensed contractors, and assists in the securing of all necessary permits to undertake the home repairs. Throughout the lifetime of the project, City staff performs construction and progress inspections, issues contractor permits, and evaluates job performance. 

All kinds of repairs may be addressed through NCIP: re-roofing, plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical, termite damage, foundation and weatherization are examples. The costs for home repairs are covered under the loan program. 

Who Benefits? 
Both the homeowner and the City receive benefits from participating in the program. 
The homeowner benefits by:
  • Correcting hazardous, deficient housing conditions.
  • Increased property values.
  • Expert technical assistance in all phases of the project from start to finish.
  • Follow-up after project completion.
  • Peace of mind knowing the home repairs are being supported by expert City staff.
The City benefits by:
  • Improving the safety of the community living environment.
  • Revitalizing the older housing stock.
  • Increasing property values.
  • Stimulating neighborhood reinvestment and beautification.

What Financial Terms Are Available?
Financial assistance can come in the form of either a loan, grant or combination of both. For each project, the financial terms are reached at the time of determining eligibility and scope-of-work to be performed. Loan interest rates can be as low as 3% and increase according to the household income. Length of time of the loan is typically up to 20 years on either a deferred payment or monthly installment payment basis. Essentially, terms are flexible and below market, based on the applicant's particular income situation. 

Since 1976, the City of Santa Clara has assisted more than 1,000 homeowners to rehabilitate and increase the value of their homes through the Neighborhood Conservation and Improvement Program (NCIP). 

The advantages of the program are great. The City offers below market interest rates as low as 3% as well as deferred payment loans. The deferred payment loan must be repaid when a house is sold or transferred, but there are no monthly payments. Another advantage of the City of Santa Clara's program is the quality assurance. Experienced City staff oversees all phases of work. There is also a one-year guarantee of workmanship by the contractor. 

If your home is within the City of Santa Clara limits and you meet the income requirements, you may be eligible for a rehabilitation loan. For more information contact City staff at 615-2490.

A Neighborhood Conservation and Improvement Program Application is available here. Staff will be happy to help determine your eligibility and assist you with the application process. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive an evaluation of your housing problems with no obligation.

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