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Update - Estimated Readings & Updates to your Bill

The City requires unimpeded and unhindered meter access at all times for the purpose of inspection, testing and reading. Your utility meters are read approximately the same time each month. If we are unable to read your water or electric meter(s), the bill for service may be estimated based upon your prior usage. Estimated meter reads are shown with an “E” suffix under the “Meter Reading” column. More information can be found on the back of your Utility Bill  and by reading the FAQ on Estimated Reads. 

Be Aware – Scam - City of Santa Clara Utility Customers

A current scam is taking place asking people to make payments over the phone for things such as utility bills. Fraudsters are calling Santa Clara residents requesting payment using cash, credit card or gift card for their utility bill. In some cases, residents have also been asked for personal identifying information, such as their social security number. In addition, they may tell the victim to make an immediate payment due to a billing error. This is a scam. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately and call our Customer Service line at (408) 615-2300.

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