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Santa Clara City Library

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

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Diversity and inclusion go beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate individuality by developing practices that recognize and respect all people and their points of view. At Santa Clara City Library, we honor our employees' diversity and the diversity in the community we serve by:

  • Welcoming and including all
  • Fostering an atmosphere of dignity and respect
  • Encouraging the exploration of new ideas and perspectives in a safe and positive environment
  • Working with diverse communities to determine appropriate ways to design, deliver, and evaluate services.

The Santa Clara City Library recognizes and actively affirms the dignity of those it serves, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical or mental capabilities.

The Santa Clara City Library understands that an acceptance of differences can place individual and collective values in conflict. Nevertheless, the Library is committed to fostering an environment of understanding and respect. Santa Clara City Library acts to ensure that people can enjoy services free from any attempt to impose values, customs or beliefs that are in conflict with our commitment to diversity.

The Santa Clara City Library makes diversity and inclusion a priority in planning and decision making for staffing, collections, services and organizational change.

This Library is dedicated to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful organizational culture that appreciates and supports individual differences.

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