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Santa Clara City Library

Policy for Public Rules of Conduct

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The Santa Clara City Library and the Board of Library Trustees welcome you to read, write, research, study, and reflect in safe, clean, quiet surroundings. To ensure that all library users have a positive experience, all visitors are expected to:


Respect the right of everyone in the Library to enjoy a pleasant environment.

• Follow all library rules, policies, and procedures; comply with the requests of library staff.

• Obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

• Behave appropriately; immediately report to library staff any behavior that is disruptive, threatening, abusive, or questionable in any way.

• Strive to keep conversations quiet; use designated cell phone areas to place or receive telephone calls; take disruptive children outside.

• Individuals whose conduct or personal hygiene disturbs others will be asked to leave the Library.

• Containerized beverages are allowed in the Library, except in the Technology Center and Heritage Pavilion. Otherwise, consumption of food and beverages is allowed only in designated areas near the Parkside Entrance, or outside the Library.

• Turn off or disable any audible equipment before entering the Library.

• Respect the privacy rights of others; photography or audio and video recording in the Library requires prior written permission from Library Administration.

• Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Library building or within 50 feet of any entrance.


Keep your Library a safe place.

• For their safety, children under age 10 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

• Secure/monitor your property; the Library is not responsible for loss or theft.

• Avoid activities on library premises that could cause injury to you or to others.

• Large, bulky items—or any item that might create a safety hazard—must be left outside the Library.

• Library entrances, exits, elevators, stairs, or aisles may not be blocked.

• Appropriate dress, including footwear, must be worn in the Library.


Treat your Library appropriately and with respect.

• Use library facility, materials, and furnishings as intended; refrain from moving furniture, sleeping, bathing, placing feet or footwear on furniture, etc.

• Malicious damage and/or destruction of library materials or property are violations of California Penal Code Section 594.

• The Library facility may not be used for conducting or soliciting business; use of the library grounds requires prior written permission from Library Administration.

• The Library welcomes assistance animals with their companions; all other animals must remain outside.

• Exhibiting harmful matter to minors is a misdemeanor, whether in print or on a computer screen. (California Penal Code Section 311.11)


Library staff have limited resources, including time. Requests for library services should be concise and non-duplicative. Any patron deemed to be monopolizing or abusing staff resources may be asked to submit all requests in writing, to be addressed as staff time and resources permit.


Visitors to the Library are responsible for the consequences of their choices and actions. The Library retains the right to take any action necessary to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. In accordance with Section 1013A of the Santa Clara City Charter, individuals who do not comply with these rules may lose their library privileges.


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