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Policy for Use of Library Community Rooms

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The Santa Clara City Library has two community rooms that may be reserved for general use by members of the public who have a Santa Clara City Library account in good standing. The Redwood Room and the Margie Edinger Room at the Central Park Library accommodate 125 and 100 seated guests, respectively.  The community room at the Northside Library accommodates 100 seated guests.


Community groups are permitted and encouraged to use these community rooms for educational, cultural, or intellectual activities, when such uses do not conflict with regular City Library programs, are consistent with the rules for eligibility and use as set forth in this Policy, and comply with the procedures and limitations specified in the Room Use Agreement.

Room reservation requests may be submitted in person, by phone, or by fax during regular business hours. Community room reservations are handled by Librart Administration on the second floor of the Central Park Library, 2635 Homestead Road (408-615-2930). Northside Branch community room reservations may be made by calling 408-615-5500.

If individuals in the neighborhood of the Northside Library need a meeting space to host events of a private nature, they could consider three meeting spaces offered by the City of Santa Clara's Parks and Recreation Department. These facilities are available for rental by Santa Clara residents and community groups who can reserve them by contacting the Community Recreation Center at 408-615-3140Call: 408-615-3140. A list of the three meeting spaces is available at Library public desks.


  1. Organizations eligible to reserve Library community rooms (in priority order)
    1. Santa Clara City Library-sponsored meetings, programs, etc. 
    2. Santa Clara City Library-affiliated groups (e.g., Board of Library Trustees, Library Foundation and Friends, Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society, book discussion groups, etc.) 
    3. Santa Clara City Departments 
    4. Civic and school groups 
    5. Non-profit or community groups not included above or in 2.a., below
  2. Ineligible Organizations
    1. Any group providing or promoting a product or service for which a fee may/will be charged, including non-profit or community groups and for-profit or private business organizations or practitioners 
    2. Groups that fail to comply with the terms of the Room Use Agreement, the Policy for Public Rules of Conduct, or this Policy for Use of Library Community Rooms 
    3. Organizations, groups, or individuals having as their objective any illegal activity.


Permission to use the Library’s community rooms will be granted under the conditions detailed below.

  1. All rules and regulations governing the use of the rooms, and all other Library rules, will be followed. Permission may be revoked at any time for failure to do so.
  2. Room use must fall within regular library hours and shall not interfere with the operation of the Library; no access is allowed prior to or after the reserved period. 
  3. All events scheduled by community groups that are held in the Library’s meeting rooms must be open to all members of the public, subject to occupancy limits. 
  4. The sale of items or services is not permitted, unless specifically approved in advance and in writing by the Board of Library Trustees or Board designee.
  5. No organization, group, or individual sponsoring or participating in the event may advertise their services or product(s) at the meeting, either verbally or in written form. No promotional material may be distributed (business cards are acceptable). 
  6. No fee shall be charged to attendees of meetings held on Library property. 
  7. At least one adult must be present for each 15 minors in any group using the rooms. 
  8. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and amplified music are not permitted anywhere in any Library building. 
  9. All flyers, announcements, posters, and other forms of publicity for the meeting must include the following disclaimer, as provided by the City of Santa Clara: This is not a Library-sponsored event. The City of Santa Clara is neither responsible nor liable for information provided by users of the Library meeting rooms. 
  10. Maximum occupancy must not exceed the posted limit. 
  11. Plans for decorations must be pre-approved by Library Administration; decorations must never obstruct exits, and are to be removed before the group leaves the building unless other arrangements have been approved.


  1. Room use fees are established by the Board of Library Trustees, adopted by the Santa Clara City Council at the annual public budget hearing, and included in the Municipal Fee Schedule
  2. To secure a reservation, by or before the deadline specified in the Room Use Agreement, applicants must read and accept this Policy, complete and submit a signed Room Use Agreement, and pay all fees, including food/beverage usage fee and technical assistance surcharge, if applicable. 
  3. Signed Agreement and fees must be received by the Library representative handling the reservation as specified in the Room Use Agreement. Responsible party may receive orientation to the room from Library representative prior to the event. 
  4. Fees for use by Library-related organizations may be waived, as determined by the City Librarian or designee. 
  5. Fees will be refunded for cancelled reservations subject to the terms set forth in the Room Use Agreement.


Questions related to the use of the Library’s community rooms should be directed to the City Librarian or designee, Monday - Friday during regular business hours, (408) 615-2930Call: (408) 615-2930.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, October 6, 2003

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, August 2, 2004

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, February 7, 2005

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, August 7, 2006

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, March 2, 2009

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, August 1, 2011

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, August 5, 2013

Revised & approved by the Board of Library Trustees, June 2, 2014

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