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Storytime FAQs

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Storytime Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are storytimes offered?
Storytimes are seasonal. There may be occasional breaks from Storytime throughout the year. Please consult our Kids Calendar to ensure that Storytime is in session.

Is registration required?
Storytimes are drop in and do not require advance registration. However, room space is limited, so we recommend you leave strollers, wagons and wheels outside the meeting room. Arrive early for the best view. Occasionally, doors may close when room reaches capacity.  

Can I bring my older child to Patty Cakes Storytime?
Due to space, safety considerations, and the unique format, it is recommended that you observe the program age limits. Little Learners or Family storytimes are a better option for older children.  

Do I need to remain with my child during the program?
Yes! Storytimes are participatory. Parent engagement--listening to stories, singing, and saying silly rhymes with your child--is fun! 

What if my child starts crying?
If your child becomes exceptionally fussy, it’s okay to leave the program room and return when he/she is calmer. It’s also okay to “call it a day” and try again next week! We want Storytimes to be enjoyable for all participants.

Any other tips?
  • Turning off cell phones and limiting side conversations will keep distractions to a minimum and make it easier for children and adults to focus on the program.

  • Be prepared to sit on the floor with your child during storytimes.  

  • Snacks and toys can be distracting to other children, so we ask that you put those items away during storytime. Also, food is not permitted in the library at any time. When storytime is finished, snacks can be enjoyed outside the library. (Bottles and nursing are fine.)

  • Parents and caregivers make the best storytellers of all! We encourage you to read to your child and continue the Storytime experience at home. Library staff would love to recommend books for you and your child. 
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