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2012 Teen Poetry Contest Winners

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2012 Teen Poetry Contest Winners
For Grades 7-12

Grand Prize Winner:

   Rena Chan, Grade 12

When I could barely reach the countertop
Balancing on my tiny toes
Trying to stretch for the giant red pitcher,
My aunt would reach past my braided hair,
Past my mud stained shirt and scraped skinned knees.
Her hands were wrinkled from living
Longer than my mother
Younger than my uncle
But older than my brother and me combined.
The hand that always spoiled me with vanilla ice cream,
With dirt under tomato red nails
Sleeves wet from cutting the watermelon
From the garden where I once destroyed
A freshly planted sapling,
And wrap her hand around the small jug
To pour me some raspberry tea.


 Honorable Mention:
Ali Asif, Grade 8

You don't know
If I go left or right
Cuz I take it to the rack
With all my might
When I cross you over
I say, "That's right"
When I jump, they say
He just took flight
Then I see your defenders
Hand in sight
I go double clutch on him
Cuz that's so tight
Now I see this
Big bright light
So I smile for the camera
Cuz that's what they like

I just dunked

All I did was
Take it to the hoop
This wasn't a fancy play
Like the alley-oop
All I did was
Take it to the tin
Look you in the eye man, |
"Where have you been?"

 This program was sponsored by the Teen Library Council of the Santa Clara City Library.

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