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  • Provides Capital Improvement Project design and management
  • Prepares studies, budgets, agreements and public works construction documents
  • Administers consultant contracts, public works grants and agreements
  • Maintains records of public improvements, city-wide maps and block books
  • Provides construction consultation for public works improvements
  • Develops and maintains Technical Documents and Standard Details/Drawings.

Land & Property Development (LPD)

  • Manages the Encroachment Permit Program.   
  • Prepares Encroachment Agreements for work in the public right-of-way and city easements.   
  • Reviews, coordinates and approves Public Improvement Plans.   
  • Reviews and approves Subdivision Maps.   
  • Reviews and/or prepares Title Documents, including lot line adjustments and public easements.   
  • Participates in the Project Clearance Committee and Subdivision Committee meetings.  Develops Conditions of Approval for development projects.   
  • Determines and collects development fees.   
  • Defines and administers Public Works requirements prior to Building Permit issuance.

Traffic Engineering

Field Services

  • Inspects work performed by contractors, construction materials and work authorized under the City's Encroachment Permit Program
  • Surveys for planning and design of public works improvements
  • Provides construction control for public works projects
  • Handles questions and complaints about construction in the public right-if-way
  • Manages soil contamination clean-up in City-owned property

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