Bicycle and Scooter Share

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The City is in the final stages of developing a regulatory and permitting program for the use of shared mobility devices (bicycles and scooters) within city limits. The intent of the regulatory program is to create a common set of rules to allow bicycle and scooter share operators to apply for permits to operate in the city while addressing concerns identified by citizens, businesses and stakeholders. Staff completed research, community outreach/meetings, meetings with business and institutional stakeholders and meetings with bicycle and scooter share companies and developed draft regulations. The draft regulations were presented to the City Council for input on June 4, 2019. Staff revised the draft regulations to address the comments received from stakeholders and has developed Shared Mobility Permit Administrative Regulations. These regulations will be presented to the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) on June 24 and are anticipated to be presented to City Council for consideration in August 2019. View the draft regulations: Shared Mobility Permit Administrative Regulations.

The City appreciates the efforts of the community to create a Bicycle and Scooter Share permitting program in our City. Draft regulations were scheduled to be presented to the City Council in August 2019. However, the City has decided to pause this effort based on the following: 1) additional evaluation of Americans with Disabilities Act-related considerations, and 2) evolving draft State Legislation regarding scooters. Both of these recent developments may affect how the City creates a successful Bicycle and Scooter Share program. The City will also be proposing a one-year extension to the current temporary moratorium to Bicycle and Scooter Share. More information on upcoming timelines will be shared with the community as it becomes available.

 For any questions on Shared Mobility Permit Administrative Regulations, please email Pratyush Bhatia at


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