Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Program

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The City of Santa Clara requires applicants seeking building or demolition permits for projects greater than 5,000 square feet to recycle at least 65 percent of discards.

Applicant Information

The City of Santa Clara requires contractors to track and report their C&D debris recycling efforts. Contractors may use the City's  Online C&D Tracking Tool. This is a fast and easy way to submit your waste management plans and track your recycling.

Permittees that fail to achieve 65% diversion must pay a penalty based on the project square footage multiplied by the recycling/diversion shortfall. The penalty shall be equal to the project square footage multiplied by the difference between 65% and the actual project diversion percentage, multiplied by $1 per square foot.

Permittees that fail to submit a report within sixty (60) days following the completion of a project shall be charged a late fee, in an amount of 10% of the diversion penalty fee or $100 per month, whichever is greater.

C&D Recycling Resources

The City has compiled a PDF list of C&D recyclers, including facilities that will guarantee 65% diversion of all incoming C&D debris. Permittees may also meet the City’s recycling requirement by reprocessing and reusing construction materials on-site or salvaging material, such as wood or fixtures for reuse.

For questions, email the Environmental Programs staff at or call (408) 615-3080. 

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