Demonstration Garden

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Pollinators are critical to the Nation’s economy, food security, and environmental health. Pollination is a tremendously valuable service provided by bees, butterflies, birds, and other creatures. However, pollinators are struggling; bee colonies have declined significantly and Monarch butterflies are in jeopardy. Increasing the quantity and quality of habitat for pollinators is a crucial step towards rebuilding their populations. 

Anyone can help pollinators by planting a pollinator garden or thinking carefully before applying any pesticides. The City of Santa Clara joined this effort by re-landscaping a piece of land on Central Park Library grounds into a Demonstration Garden. The garden showcases pollinator-friendly California Native plants, drought-tolerant plants, and sustainable gardening practices.The garden also features the use of mulch and compost working together to create a resilient garden that provides wildlife habitat, enhanced aesthetics, and the efficient use of resources. 



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