Having a Green Business  Certification gives businesses a marketing edge among conscientious customers by recognizing environmental performance,  and efforts to improve employee morale, health and productivity.

The City of Santa Clara provides resources for businesses that want to pursue Green Business certification. Contact the Environmental Programs Division at 408-615-3080 for more information. 

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  • Visit Silicon Valley Power for energy conservation rebates and other ways to save money.
  • Visit the Santa Clara Valley Water District to learn more about water conservation rebates and workshops
  • Contact the Water Department at (408) 615-2000 to find out if your property is eligible for Recycled Water.
  • Consider developing a Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy to favor products that have a smaller environmental impact. Contact your office supply store to see if they offer alternative products.
  • Partner with a local farmer or community garden to provide local fresh produce for your cafeteria. If your workplace doesn't have a cafeteria, encourage employees to pack their own lunches.
  • Provide coffee mugs and other reusable dishware to employees.
  • Consider green building criteria for new construction and renovation projects.
  • Encourage employees to use alternative commuting practices like walking, biking, or carpooling.
  • When fleet upgrades become necessary, consider alternative fuel and low emission vehicles.

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