Business Improvement District (BID)

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On September 21, 1999, the City Council of Santa Clara passed Ordinance No. 1740 to establish the Santa Clara Downtown Business Improvement District (BID). This ordinance, as authorized by California Streets & Highways Code Section 36500 et seq, allowed the City to establish parking and business improvement areas to promote economic revitalization and physical maintenance of business districts in order to create jobs, attract new business and prevent erosion of the identified business district.

Businesses in and around the Franklin Square originally requested the City to pursue creating a BID for the area. Costs for this BID are funded by an annual benefit fee based on a formula developed during the initial creation of the BID. The Santa Clara Downtown BID boundaries and separate benefit zones are presented on the BID map. Excluded from participating and paying any assessments are residential uses, apartment rental, non-profit organizations, pre-school day care facilities, public schools, hospitals, government uses, and specifically exempted business uses in residential homes.

On March 14, 2000, the City Council approved an agreement with the Downtown Santa Clara Merchants’ Association (DSCMA) for administration of the BID, which includes developing and implementing activities and promotional benefits for the businesses in the BID. Fees are calculated by business type, zone location, and number of employees. See the Fee Schedule. Fees are collected for the BID and held in a special account by the City to be disbursed when requested by the BID Board of Directors.

For questions, please contact SCDMA President, Ken Sinclair, at (510) 368-8200.

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