Current Construction Activities

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The following is a list of current construction projects performed by Water & Sewer Utilities crews.

If you have any questions about the project, call the Water & Sewer Utilities at 408-615-2000.

El Camino Homes Water Main Replacement Project
The City of Santa Clara Water & Sewer Utilities is dedicated to maintaining a “state of the art” potable water distribution system through various upgrade projects throughout the year. For example, the City is replacing 1.4 miles of water main that provide water to over 150 single family homes in the El Camino Homes in a neighborhood (located near Scott Blvd. and El Camino Real), as well as the near by shopping center.






Northside Tanks Rehabilitation Project (WA 30124)
Northside Tanks 1 and 2, are above ground welded steel storage tanks built in 1978 and 1984 respectively with a capacity of 4.7 million gallons each. The original coatings of these tanks have reached the end of their useful lives and are in need of rehabilitation. The project scope of work includes abrasive blasting and recoating the interior and exterior of the tanks coupled with upgrades to the tanks to meet current health and safety standards. The rehabilitation of Northside Tank 2 was completed in spring 2014 and has been back in service, while the construction work is ongoing on Northside Tank 1.

 2014-Northdie Tank#1 Fig3 2014-Northdie Tank#1 Fig1
 2014-Northdie Tank#1 Fig3 2014-Northdie Tank#1 Fig2 


Central Park Pond Improvements Project (WA 7506)
The Central Park Pond is an important visible feature of the City’s Central Park, which is a venue of several high profile events including the Arts and Wine Festival, Silicon Valley BBQ Championships and international swim meets. To improve the water quality of the pond, a two-stage upflow wetland treatment system was installed. In addition, the pond’s source water was converted from potable water to recycled water. The project was a successful joint effort between the City’s Water & Sewer Utilities and Parks & Recreation Departments, and was completed in early summer 2014.   

 2014-Central-Pond-F2 2014-Central-Pond-F3


 2014-Central-Pond-F4 2014-Central-Pond-F5   

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