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If the sanitary sewer line from your home does not seem to be working properly, you may call the City Water & Sewer Utilities. During regular working hours our telephone number is (408) 615-2000, and after 5 pm, on weekends, and holidays it is (408) 615-5640.

On Responding to a Service Call, Our Sewer Crew Will:

  1. Check to make certain that the main sewer line in the street is operating properly. This line is not usually the cause of most problems, but if it is, our crews can quickly remove any obstruction.
  2. If the main sewer line in the street is not causing the trouble, the sewer crew will use the Property Line cleanout (if available and accessible) to check the lower sewer lateral from the property line to the sewer main in the street. If there is no property line cleanout, the City will not be able to assess the condition of the lower lateral to the main.
  3. If the lower lateral and the main sewer are both operating properly, the homeowner will be notified that the problem lies within his private property and that a plumbing contractor or private sewer service company should be called as City crews cannot work on the homeowner's private property.
  4. The City is NOT able to reimburse fees incurred by a homeowner who hires a private sewer service or plumber first and then discovers the trouble to be caused by a stoppage in the sewer main.
  5. If the homeowner decides to hire a private sewer service or plumber, they must inform the City of any blockage that is cleared by the hired service to ensure that the blockage does not create a problem in the sewer main. The number to call during regular working hours is (408) 615-2000, and after 5pm, on weekends, and holidays it is (408) 615-5640.

Sewer Cleanout Single Industrial-2017

NOTE: A sewer lateral access point, called a "cleanout" (if it exists) is usually located at the property line. Most homes built since the 1960's have had cleanouts installed. Many older homes may also have a cleanout. There are some older homes where a cleanout does not exist. In these instances, it is necessary to install a cleanout in order to check or clear the lateral. The City can install a cleanout for a fee, which the homeowner is required to pay. The homeowner can also hire a contractor to perform the work. Call (408) 615-2000 for more information.

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