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Classroom Resources For Teachers Report Water Wasters
Water is a precious resource. As time goes on, we as Californians become more and more aware of how true a statement this really is. To be good stewards of our natural resources, it is important to conserve water, use it wisely, and teach our youth the importance of doing the same. Teachers and parents play an invaluable role in the education of the future citizens and leaders of our State, our Country and our World. To that end, the following links may provide educators with some of the resources they might find useful in order to teach water conservation in the classroom or at home.

The City offers a number of ways to help you conserve water. To find out more, continue to surf the City's water conservation pages or visit the Water and Sewer Utilities offices in City Hall at 1500 Warburton Ave, or call us at (408) 615-2000

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