Water Rates

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Adopted By Resolution Number 19-8710, May 21, 2019

Rate W-1, Metered Potable Water Service

Applicability - Applicable to all metered potable water service.

(1) Monthly Quantity Charges

All potable water use is $6.22 per Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF). The Monthly Quantity Charge recovers the annual cost to operate the Water Utility, other than groundwater charges, treated water purchased from others for resale, and energy.

(2) Minimum Monthly Meter Rates

The minimum monthly meter rate includes a consumption allowance to recover fixed cost elements and accommodate water considered essential for health and safety .

Water Meter Size Minimum Charge
5/8 x 3/4 inch $18.59
1 inch $28.95
1½ inch $54.83
2 inch $85.89
3 inch $168.72
4 inch $261.90
6 inch $520.73
8 inch $831.34
10 inch $1,245.47
12 inch $1,750.20

Rate W-2, Fire Services

Applicability -­ Applicable to separate fire services (automatic sprinklers, private fire hydrants, etc.) required by the City of Santa Clara or insurance underwriters.

(1) Monthly Fire Service Charge

Service Size Monthly Charge
2 inch $2.59
4 inch $14.67
6 inch $43.14
8 inch $91.89
10 inch $165.22
12 inch $267.03

(2) Special Conditions

Fire Service charges are imposed for maintenance and operation of the metering components, including capital replacement. No charge will be made for water used to extinguish fires or for testing. Any other usage of water through leakage or for general use shall result in the imposition of regular water service rates (RATE W-1) for a minimum of three (3) billing cycles or longer, until such time as illicit use of water through the fire service connection has ceased. Continued water usage through a fire service is a violation of City's Rules and Regulations and may cause interruption of service.

Rate W-3, Cross Connection Controls

Applicability -­ Applicable to all service connections where a public cross connection control device has been required by the City or County Health Department.

(1) Monthly Charge

Size Of Service Monthly Charge
1 inch $7.81
2 inch $12.50
3 inch $25.00
4 inch $39.06
6 inch $78.13
8 inch $125.00
10 inch $187.50
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