Fluoride in the City Drinking Water

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Fluoridated Water - only in a portion of the City
Although the City of Santa Clara has three sources of potable water, only one - the Hetch Hetchy - imported water from the San Francisco Public Utility Commission is fluoridated. This water source primarily serves the portion of the City north of Highway 101 in zip code 95054; see map below for details.

Flouridated water map

In late Fall 2005, the San Francisco Water Department began to supplement the amount of fluoride already present so that drinking water they provide will meet the level of fluoride recommended by the California Department of Public Health.

Alternately in this area of the City, local well water may be supplemented by pressure or volume demands on the system and the fluoridated water will then be blended or not present in all area at all times. This may be a seasonal operating condition or continuous by demands on the water system.

If you are in the area that receives fluoridated water at least part of the time, please note

There will be no change in taste, odor or appearance of your water.
Dosage in the fluoridation level may fluctuate, so be sure to check with your dentist or physician on dosage.

All other areas of the City served by SCVWD imported water or local well water have not been supplemented with fluoride and do not meet the standard for cavity prevention.

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