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In partnership with Bay Area Water Conservation and Supply Agency and the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the City of Santa Clara is providing the WaterSmart program to educate residential customers on their water usage and encourage water conservation. This program includes educational bi-monthly Home Water Reports so residential customers gain a complete understanding of their water consumption and how they can improve the efficiency of their water use.

Using WaterSmart

The WaterSmart program provides each residential customer with a customized water use webpage that can be accessed through a simple registration process. Once you become an active participant on your WaterSmart page, you’ll learn about your home’s water use, compare your water use to similar sized homes in your neighborhood, and learn about ways to save water and money. By improving the efficiency of your water use, you benefit from smaller water bills and a more reliable long-term water supply. Once you are registered you can start taking full advantage of this free program.

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How it Works

The bi-monthly report and online portal will help you to:

  • View and understand your recent water use in gallons and compare it to your past usage.
  • Compare your household water use to similar households in Santa Clara.
  • Find easy and effective tips to save water and money, with step-by-step advice.
  • Update information in your portal for a customized Action Plan for your household.
  • Sign-up for email alerts if your water consumption indicates a possible leak.
  • Sign-up to receive your Home Water Report and other notifications through email, phone, or text.

WaterSmart. log on: register to access your data. Save: take water-saving actions. Repeat: check your progress


How do I use this website?

Once registered, this site helps you understand your water use habits and offers customized tips for the most effective ways to save water.

Where does the data for my water use come from?

Your water usage data comes from your household water meter readings and your water utility account. All publicly available information, like weather data, is added by WaterSmart.

What is the Household profile?

The Household profile is the information about characteristics of your household which is filled out by a member of that household.

What is GPD?

Gallons per day. Your water use is presented in the number of gallons used per day because this unit is easily understood by residents and provides the best metric for comparison.

Why am I being compared to similar households?

WaterSmart shows you the average GPD for households similar in size and occupant number. This puts your water use into context, so that you can compare your water use data with other homes similar to yours within Santa Clara.

What is the “My Actions” page?

My Actions is a list of recommended water-saving actions you could choose to implement. There are lists for your “started” and “saved” actions that you have chosen. The “completed” actions list shows you the changes you have made and how they’ve helped reduce your water use.

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