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About: Child with Tooth Fairy Sign

Santa Clara Zero to Six was created by Youth Services and Literacy staff at the Santa Clara City Library through an Early Learning for Families grant from the California State Library and funding from the City of Santa Clara.

The purpose of Santa Clara Zero to Six is to link young families and child care providers with local and national resources to improve the quality of life in Silicon Valley for preschool children and their parents.

Content created by Ellin Klor and Priya Mascarenhas, Santa Clara City Library.

We wish to acknowledge the support and assistance of:
  • Julie Passalacqua, Retired City Librarian - Santa Clara City Library
  • Shanti Bhaskaran, Read Santa Clara Literacy Program Supervisor
  • Susan Baier, formerly Youth Services Division Manager - Santa Clara City Library
  • Dolly Goyal, formerly Youth Services Division- Santa Clara City Library
  • Stuart Grooby and the IT Department of the City of Santa Clara
  • Marilyn Dippell, Recreation Superintendent, Santa Clara
  • Diane Gordon, Director, Children, Nature and You
For contributing their photos and drawings, many thanks to:
  • Families in the Families for Literacy program, Read Santa Clara
  • The preschool students and Principal Adrienne Machado - Pittman School in Stockton, CA
  • Adrienne Beronilla
  • Allen Chin
  • Adina Dijmarescu
  • Beatriz Quiroga-Mueller
  • Callista Jerman
  • Deli Seligmann 
  • Diane Reklis,
  • Jessica Huynh
  • Monika Kurzymski
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