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Baby Booklist: Baby and Book

Tips for Selection

  1. Choose books with simple, clear illustrations. A limited palette of bright colors or black & white provide the high contrast babies need to focus their eyes during the early months. Clear photographs of objects and people with limited details also work well.
  2. Stories with brief, concrete text are generally best. Repeating phrases, rhyme or a rhythmic text will help capture baby's attention; don't rule out longer stories with these qualities.
  3. Cardboard and puffy cloth books are great for baby's first tactile encounters with books. They will stand up to a lot of drool and chewing.
  4. Check books out from the library for a "test run" before you invest. Some books look cute at first glance, but won't stand up to the test of repeated readings. Others will be favorites from now through your child's primary school years.

Check the availability of these titles in the Santa Clara City Library's catalog.

Baby's Own Books

  • Bailey, Debbie*. The Playground, 1998.
  • Cousins, Lucy*. Garden Animals, 1999.
  • Hoban, Tana*.  Black on White, 1993.
  • Hoban, Tana. What Is That?, 1994.
  • Intrater, Roberta*. Hugs and Kisses, 2002.
  • Intrater, Roberta. Peek-A-Boo!, 1997.
  • Kubler, Annie*. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, 2003.
  • Laden, Nina. Peek-a-Who?, 2000.
  • Miller, Margaret*. Baby Faces, 1998.
  • Oxenbury,Helen*. Clap Hands, 1987.
  • Oxenbury,Helen. I Can, 1995.
  • Oxenbury,Helen. Say Goodnight, 1987.
  • Patricelli, Leslie*. Quiet Loud, 2003.
  • Taback, Simms. Peek-a-Boo Who?, 2006.

Baby's World

  • Aliki. One Little Spoonful, 2001.
  • Aliki. Welcome, Little Baby, 1987.
  • Bauer, Marion Dane. Toes, Ear, and Nose! A Lift-the-Flap Book, 2003.
  • Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon, 1975.
  • Carlstrom, Nancy. Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, 1986.
  • Charlip, Remy. Baby Hearts & Baby Flowers, 2002.
  • Falwell, Cathryn. We Have a Baby, 1993.
  • Gentieu, Penny. Baby!Talk!, 1998.
  • Hill, Eric*. Where's Spot?, 2005.
  • Katz, Karen*. Counting Kisses, 2001.
  • Kraus, Robert. Whose Mouse Are You?, 1970.
  • Lawrence, Michael. Baby Loves, 1999.
  • Morrow, Tara. Mommy Loves Her Baby, 2003.
  • O’Connell, Rebecca. The Baby Goes Beep, 2003.
  • Osbourne, Martine. One Beautiful Baby, 2002.

Learning About Everything

  • Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 1979.
  • Carle, Eric. The Very Busy Spider, 1984.
  • Hoban, Tana*. Is It Larger? Is It Smaller?, 1985.
  • Hoban, Tana. Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe, 1986.
  • Katz, Karen. My First Chinese New Year, 2004.
  • Katz, Karen. My First Ramadan, 2007.
  • Miller, Margaret. I Love Colors, 1999.

For Language Development – with Patterned Text and Repetition 

  • Carle, Eric. From Head to Toe, 1997. 
  • Dr. Seuss. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, 1970.
  • Intrater, Roberta. Peek-a-boo, You!, 2002.
  • Martin, Bill*. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, 1992.
  • Martin, Bill. Here Are My Hands,1987.
  • Shaw, Charles. It Looked Like Spilt Milk, 1947.
  • Williams, Sue. I Went Walking, 1990.
  • Williams, Sue. Let's Go Visiting, 1998.
  • Wood, Audrey & Don*. Quick As a Cricket, 1982.

Rhymes and Songs

  • Brown, Marc. Finger Rhymes (also Hand Rhymes, Party Rhymes, etc.), 1980.
  • Cole, Joanna. Pat-A-Cake and Other Play Rhymes, 1992.
  • Cole, Joanna. The Eentsy-Weentsy Spider: Fingerplays & Action Rhymes, 1991.
  • Cousins, Lucy (illus. by). Lucy Cousin's Book of Nursery Rhymes, 1999.
  • DePaola, Tomie. Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose, 1985.
  • Dunn, Opal. Hippety-Hop Hippety-Hay: Growing with Rhymes from Birth to Age Three, 1999.
  • Hart, Jane, ed. Singing Bee! A Collection of Favorite Children's Songs, 1982.
  • Ra, Carol. Trot, Trot to Boston: Play Rhymes for Baby, 1987.

Stories in Rhyme

  • Degan, Bruce. Jamberry, 2000.
  • Raffi*. Shake My Sillies Out, 1987.
  • Sendak, Maurice. Chicken Soup with Rice , 1962.
  • Wood, Audrey. Silly Sally, 1992.

Bibliographies and Other Books for Parents

  • Codell, Esme. How To Get Your Child To Love Reading, 2003.
  • Lewis, Valerie & Walter Mayes. Valerie and Walter’s Best Books for Children: A Lively, Opinionated Guide (2004 ed.), 2004.
  • Lipson, Eden Ross. The New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children, 2000.
  • Odean, Kathleen. Great Books for Babies and Toddlers; More Than 500 Recommended Books for Your Child’s First Three Years, 2003.
  • Oppenheim, Joanne. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Baby and Toddler Play Book, 2001.
  • Trelease, Jim. The Read-Aloud Handbook (5th ed.), 2006.

Family Gift Books

  • Macaulay, David. The New The Way Things Work, 1998.
  • Prelutsky, Jack, ed. The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, 1983.
  • Schulman, Janet ed. The 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury: Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud, 1998.

*Authors who have written several titles

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