Literacy Tips

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Literacy Tips: Reading with Dad

Have fun! Talk and Read Everyday

Read with your child as often as you can—at least once a day. Figure out what part of the day works best for you and your family – one family read aloud together at dinner time. By the time their children were in high school, they were reading books by Charles Dickens. Ask questions and talk about what you read. Children love spending this special time with you.

Try some of the games and reading activities on the Leading to Reading website. (Also in Spanish.)

Literacy Tips: Environmental Print at Stan's Donuts

Environmental Print

Find some “Environmental Print!” Make the world around you a teaching tool. We can’t get away from “environmental print”—signs, advertisements, etc.—so use it to introduce your child to words we use in daily life. From STOP signs to billboards, junk mail to cereal boxes, children connect to the things they see every day, and you can help them connect those words and symbols to their early learning skills.

Get the Library Habit

Visiting the library on a regular basis is one of the best beginnings on your child’s path to literacy. At the library, families can spend time reading together; select books to take home; and, most importantly, parents can model their own love of books and reading for their children.
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