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Preschoolers: Preschoolers at the Library

Preschoolers can tell you what they want, what they need, what they like and dislike. They begin to explore their very own world of imagination in ways that will surprise you.

Preschool children are ready to follow directions. Ask them to help when you are following directions, such as making a simple recipe.

Developing Pre-Reading Skills

Point out environmental print to them –signs, labels on cans and boxes, titles on books and magazines.

Preschoolers still love the familiar songs and finger plays, as well as singing along to recorded songs and music. They revel in their mastery of every little motion. They will also enjoy nursery rhymes and songs masquerading as picture books.


Choosing Books for Preschoolers

  • Books that spark their imaginations – with age appropriate adventure and fantasy.
  • Counting books or other concept books about things like size or time
  • Simple science books about things and how they work—like garbage trucks, flowers or tools
  • Books on their special interests: trains, animals or cooking, etc.
  • Books to help learn about life, including making friends and getting along with other children, especially brothers and sisters
  • Books full of rich language, poetry, and great storytelling
  • Books with simple text that they can memorize or read
  • Children who can focus well may be ready for longer stories like folktales and novels with short chapters

See the Preschoolers Booklist for suggestions.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

As your child nears the age of five, it will be time to start thinking about starting elementary school. First 5 Santa Clara's Kindergarten Readiness page has links to local school district websites and a kindergarten handbook for parents that covers all you need to know to get your child off to a good start.
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