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Toddlers: Toddler Reading a BookToddlers are learning new words and discovering the big beautiful world at a tremendous rate.


As children grow and become more aware of themselves as individuals, challenges come up – cooperating with parents and caregivers, new brothers and sisters, toilet training, and separation anxiety, to name a few.

Never fear, there are many books to help ease these transitions, grow your child’s vocabulary, teach them about the world, and make them confirmed lovers of books. Topics on our Booklist for Toddlers are:

What kinds of books work best?

Books that:
  • Have clear pictures
  • Have a simple story
  • Are not too long
  • Have pictures of things that are familiar to your child
  • Show action and detail in the pictures
  • Are interesting to your child

Action Rhymes and Songs

Rhyming words help toddlers remember what they hear and learn new words. Use nursery rhymes and songs teach them, keep them occupied, and calm them. (Think meltdown at the grocery store.)

If your child is active and won’t seem to sit still and listen to a book, action songs and fingerplays combine the physical activity they crave with language development. Rimas Infantiles gives you popular rhymes in Spanish.

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