Health, Development, and Nutrition

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Playground GirlsGood Health for Children

Keeping your child healthy and thriving is one of a parent or caregivers most important jobs during the early years. The necessary basics are regular doctor visits to monitor your child’s growth and development, maintaining his/her immunization schedule, preventing accidents, providing a nutritious diet, and encouraging exercise.

Watch Your Child Grow
Especially in the early years, young children seem to change and mature almost day-by-day. Having an awareness of their developmental progress has several benefits: both parents and caregivers you gain an appreciation for the almost miraculous journey you are taking with the child, satisfaction at the results of your childrearing efforts, and an early warning system if a child’s development is not happening as it should.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
From the day a child is born, almost all parents and caregivers worry, at some time or another, about the child’s eating habits. Is he/she getting enough to eat? Why is he/she such a picky eater? Why does he/she only want to eat one type of food?

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