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Healthy Reading Booklist: Healthy Snack at the Beach

Knowing Your Body

  • Chandler, Fiona. First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, 2004.
  •  Cromwell, Sharon. Why Do My Feet Fall Asleep?: And Other Questions About the Circulatory System, 1998 .
  • Manning, Mick and Brita Granström. Under Your Skin: Your Amazing Body, 2007.
  • My Body, 2008.
  • Van Cleave, Janice. Play and Find out About the Human Body, 1998.
  • Weber, Rebecca. The Body’s Business, 2004.
  • What’s Inside? My Body, 1991.
  • Wilkes, Angela. My Body, 2005.


  • Gray, Shirley Wimbish. Personal Hygiene and Good Health, 2004.
  • Lilly, Melinda. Dirty and Clean, 2004.
  • Manning, Mick. Wash, Scrub, Brush!, 2001.
  • McGinty, Alice B. Staying Healthy. Good Hygiene, 1997.
  • Nelson , Robin. Staying Clean, 2006.
  • Powell, Jillian. Hygiene and Your Health, 1998.
  • Royston, Angela. Clean and Healthy, 2000.
  • Verdick, Elizabeth. Germs are not for Sharing, 2006.

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