Neighborhood Block Party

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1. A Block Party Application must be filled in writing four weeks in advance. The Block Party Application must include a map of the impacted area. The Block Party Application must include a petition signed by all residents located on the street(s) affected by the closing. If applicable, an applicant must submit a Permit Request for Outdoor Amplification of Music with his or her Block Party Application. A Permit Request for Outdoor Amplification of Music outside 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. will require City Council approval. Even with an approved permit for outdoor amplification of music, noises of all types, including radios, stereos, etc. should be kept to a minimum.  The Block Party Application and Permit Request for Outdoor Amplification of Music are to submitted to the Business License Division at 1500 Warburton Avenue.   

2. Upon Block Party Application review, an applicant may be required to apply for an Encroachment Permit.

3. An applicant whose request has been approved is responsible for picking up, placing and removing the necessary street barricades from the Street Division Corporation Yard at 1700 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara. The required barricades, based on availability, will be provided at no cost. The block party approval letter must be presented when the barricades are picked up. Barricades must be picked up no later than noon on the Friday prior to the block party, and must be returned by the first working day after the block party. The applicant will be required to pay for replacement costs for any barricades not returned to the City. Emergency vehicles must be able to enter and vacate the block party area. There will be no blocking of the street other than with the removable barricades furnished by the City.

4. An applicant whose request has been approved may not continue the block party after the approved time.

5. If a request for a block party has been denied, the applicant may appeal to the City Council (Council’s decision shall be final). The applicant may request to be placed on the Council Agenda at the City Clerk’s Office.

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