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Will I be charged for using the mobile app?
The App is available to download for free, and neither the City of Santa Clara nor the app's developer, PublicStuff, will charge to use any of its functions. However, regular data charges may be incurred for use of the app over cellular connections. Please be sure to check with your mobile plan and carrier for more details on data charges.

Why should I use this app?
Convenience! You can submit a service request at a time that is most convenient for you through the app 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why is it important to give my contact information?
At times follow up is needed and the City staff person responsible for the issue might find it necessary to contact you to clarify or gain additional information. Without this information the department may not be able to properly follow through and will have to close out the request.

Where does my request go once I send it?
Your request will be sent to the correct department or departments to be followed up on by department staff.

If my phone freezes up, what happens to my request?
If your phone freezes while in the process of submitting a request and you have not completed the submission process mySantaClara will not receive your request. You can contact your mobile service provider for problems with your phone freezing.

How will I know the appropriate department received my request?
When a request is submitted you will receive a reference number that will allow you to track the status of your ticket including the department that is addressing your concern.

What can I report via the mobile app?
Select New Requests button in app for current list of service request selections.

Are photos required?
Photos are not required but they can be very helpful to City staff in locating and understanding the issue.

How do I add/update my contact information?
Each time you submit a service request, you will be asked for your name and contact number. Answering this question is optional. If you prefer, you can store your contact information and have it automatically sent with each service request. To do this, go to the My Settings menu in the app.

How can I specify or edit the problem location?
Your phone's GPS will automatically attempt to find your location and use that as the problem location (unless your GPS is disabled). To change the location, tap the address at the bottom-right of the 'New Request' page. From there, you can drag the map to place the marker on the desired location. Alternatively, you can type in the address above the map and hit 'Done' or 'Search' on the bottom-right of the keyboard.

Why does the App show my location as blocks away from where I really am?
For best automatic GPS location selection, make sure all your phones GPS and WiFi services or options are enabled. Your WiFi service even when wireless networks are not available gives a much better GPS location for your request. This helps us greatly in locating your issue.

How can I save my service request to finish it later?
To save a draft, press the back button at the top-left of the screen and select Save Draft. To go back to it later, go to My Stuff (on Android this is the button at the top-right of the main menu) and select Drafts.

Which information is required?
For most types of service requests, the only required fields are the request type and the location. Some request types ask you specific questions to help the department assign and look into your request - some of these questions are required. By providing more information, including in the optional fields, the department will be better equipped to resolve your request promptly and accurately.

I closed the app before I submitted my request - how do I get back to it?
In many cases, you can simply open the app again to return to your request. If the app crashed, your phone restarted, or the app has been closed for too long, the request will likely be erased. You can save a draft by hitting the back button at the top-left corner of the New Request page.

How do I navigate the app and enter data?
This app works the same way other mobile apps do. Use the navigation controls at the top corners of the screen and your keyboard to enter data.

Where can I make comments on my request and see the comments from others?
Open one of your existing requests and find the Comments section and tap on it to open the comments window. There you will see comments you have entered and also comments left by City staff or other city residents.

Who do I contact about technical questions about the app?
Send an email directly to webmanager@santaclaraca.gov.

I found a bug! What should I do?
As with any software release, you may come across bugs. We would appreciate if you reported them by emailing webmanager@santaclaraca.gov.

I have another question. What is the main city number to call during business hours?
Our main number is 408-615-2200.

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