Official City Colors, Flag, and Flower

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Santa Clara’s official primary colors are terracotta, deep blue, and stone. The secondary palate includes bay blue, aqua, cypress green, and stucco.


Official City FlagSanta Clara’s City flag, displayed in Council Chambers, is half white (top half) and half red (bottom half). A stylized version of the ‘City seal’ is in the center of the flag. The words “Santa Clara” are in red lettering in the white field over the top of the seal. The seal is gold in color, with black around the outside and for the drawing of Mission Santa Clara within the seal. The sky in the seal is white, and the grass is green. The words “The Mission City” are in black ink in the grass area of the seal.

Flag UnveilingThe flag was first unveiled and presented to the City in 1967 in honor of the 115th anniversary of the City. The Mayor at that time was Larry Marsalli. There was a brief article on the unveiling in the Santa Clara Journal newspaper, October 18, 1967, with a black and white photograph showing City dignitaries holding the new flag. It is interesting to note that the original flag, as shown in the photograph, had reverse fields of white and red, with the red on the top half and the white on the bottom half, and the words “Santa Clara” in the bottom half. This original flag appearance is described in City Council minutes. It is not known why or when the fields of red and white were switched. Minutes from the October 10, 1967 City Council meeting also state, “As another Special Order of Business and as part of the “City Government Week” activities, Mrs. Ari Kulpa, Local Chairman, presented the new official City Flag to the Mayor and Council for official unveiling.

The official presentation of Santa Clara’s new flag marked “City Government Week” at City Council chambers. Chairman of the event, Airi Kulpa, left, is all smiles with Mayor Larry Marsalli and Coucilman William Wilson, Jr., Bill Kiely, Charles Kinnel, Lawrence Fargher and Matt Talia getting behind the city’s flag. Bearing the Mission City seal on a field of red and white, the flag, Santa Clara’s first, will be preserved as a historic artifact, marking 115 years of city government in Santa Clara. ("Santa Clara Journal" newspaper, October 18, 1967) 


Peace RoseThe Peace Rose is Santa Clara’s official flower. It is a yellow color rose with pink edging. The idea to adopt an official City flower was conceived by Mrs. Luke Warburton, member of one of the oldest pioneer families in Santa Clara, and mother of former City Council Member Austen Warburton. The Peace Rose was recommended for selection by the Historical & Landmarks Commission, the Santa Clara Woman’s Club, and the City Parks & Recreation Department. After about one and a half years of work and discussion, the Peace Rose was approved as the official City flower by unanimous Council action on June 19, 1962. This rose has been planted in some City parks and around City buildings

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